Long riding tours

Have you tried riding through the highlands with a herd of horses? Have you ever climbed mountains with a handhorse? If you are a horse enthusiast, you haven't truly experienced the full potential of the Icelandic horse, if you haven't gone on a multi-day tour. 

We can help you fulfill your dreams.

We offer a variety of long riding tours through highlands, mountains and the outback of Skagafjörđur of varying difficulty and length. Our tours are 3-7 riding days long and range from suitable for intermediate riders to physically challenging tours for experienced and fit riders. In addition, we are happy to organise your own, tailor-made tour.

Have a look here what your adventure on horseback might look like.

Our experienced local guides will take you through breathtaking nature that cannot be accessed other than on horseback or on foot. 


Riding experience

No experience needed

Intermediate riding 
skills needed

Good riding skills needed

Very good riding skills and 
good physical condition needed

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