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Skagafjörður offers a large number of diverse activities, ensuring that everyone can have a great time. We will be happy to help you plan, organise and book any of the activities below. If you have further questions or are interested in other activities, please don't hesitate to contact us.


All year

Horseback riding

The riverbanks of Svartá and Héraðsvötn are ideal to enjoy a day with the Icelandic horse. The trails lead to places strongly connected to the history and culture of Iceland. Long riding tours also lead you through the beautiful highlands of Iceland.


Where better could you stay than in one of our cottages in Varmahlíð, in the beautiful scenery of Skagafjörður? A natural hot pot invites you to relax from an exciting day.


From Varmahlíð, there are some comfortable hiking tours to beautiful places in Skagafjörður, for example a hiking tour on Molduxi, a mountain about 800 m high, in the middle of a mountain range between Húnavatnssýsla and Skagafjörður. The trail is marked and suitable for groups of all ages.

History and Culture

For those who want to know more about the history, culture and the nature of Iceland, Skagafjörður offers ample possibilities. In the neighbourhood of Varmahlíð, you will find museums which offer new and impressive sights of the daily life of past generations in Iceland, for example Glaumbær, Hofsós and Hólar.

Deep-sea angling

We‘ll help you plan your trip to try deep-sea angling.


In Skagafjörður, you also have the possibility to try shooting, for example trap shooting. In a group, this can be a lot of fun.

Sightseeing in Mývatn

Experience the beautiful scenery of Mývatn. It is a day trip from Varmahlíð to see this special lake with its very unique surroundings, the mountain Krafla, Dimmuborgir, Hverfell and much more.

Whale watching

Visit the giants of the sea and learn how it feels to be so close to these animals. It is only a day trip to Húsavík from where you can take a boat trip.



River rafting 

White water rafting is great fun! In high-quality equipment (dry suits) you‘ll be able to experience many exciting rivers in Iceland, the West Glacier River being one of the top rivers of Europe. You spend a long time on the river, enjoying nature and fun without getting cold and wet. In the neighbourhood of Varmahlíð, there are some excellent possibilities for white water rafting and the Skagafjörður area is currently the best spot in Iceland for this activity.

River angling

Trout fishing is the choice for families and friends as well as for singles to enjoy the outdoor life in direct contact with Iceland´s nature. In a convenient distance from Varmahlíð, there are some good and rich trout lakes that will surprise many anglers and nature lovers.

Golf at the arctic circle

Golf is a sport that is suitable for all ages. In Skagafjörður, there are two 9-hole courses. You can also take a nice day trip to Akureyri for the 18-hole course.

The islands in Skagafjörður

 The islands of Skagafjörður, Drangey and Málmey, are home to millions of seabirds. They are a paradise for birdwatchers and photographers.

Jeep safari

 An exciting day trip by jeep to the highlands is another perfect way to get to know the elements of Iceland. The tour leads us through the valley of Skagafjörður up to Hofsjökull, the third biggest glacier in Iceland. After a nice hiking trip from Ingólfsskáli we make our coffee by melting a piece of “1000 year” old glacier-ice. Please make sure that you have good hiking boots with you.





Cross-country skiing and downhill skiing are both possible in Skagafjörður.  The skiing area is near Sauðárkrókur, with its lift on top of Tindastóll. Please contact us for more information.


The snow makes it possible to have fun with snowmobiles.

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