How to find us

You will find us in Varmahlíð, Skagafjörður. In Varmahlíð, you turn off Ringroad no.1 onto road no. 752. When you are on road no. 752, our office is the first building on the left (150 m from the junction). It's a white and blue painted building. The GPS coordinates are: N 65°32,744'  W 19°26,338'. On an iPhone the coordinates show as: 65°32'44''N  19°26'20''W.
We'll give you the keys to your cottage and a description of how to get there. The cottages are only a short 2 km drive from our office.
Don't enter "Vegamót" in your GPS, it will most likely lead you to the middle of nowhere. Rather type in the coordinates.

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